Regenerative Healthcare Platform

For a healthy and safe life in everyone's daily lives that we dream...

Business Area
Leads a healthy future with Regenerative Healthcare Platform companies.
Tissue Bank
World's First Organizational Bank for Supercritical Technology

An institution approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to collect, store, process, and distribute donated tissues.

Risk Free Supercritical Technology
Eco-friendly clean technology that is harmless
to the human body and the environment.
CO2 Supercritical
There is no evaporation process if it exceeds a certain critical point of high temperature and high pressure, so gas and liquid
Substances in indistinguishable states are called supercritical fluids.

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Ethical Management
DOF Inc. fulfills its social responsibilities
for a harmonious society.
The degree to which principles are observed through ethical management, and the management is trusted and respected by customers and society I want to be a company that continues to grow.
Improve corporate value through firm ethical norms and management innovation that upholds the degree, regional and We want to establish a sound and clean corporate culture that contributes to social contribution.